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Old June 21st, 2021
SmoovC SmoovC is offline
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I had the same issue, and posted my findings here:
DD: 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Limited
RD: 360c w/ Blendmount
WiFi: Jetpack MiFi in-car hotspot (Verizon)
Phone: Surface Duo 2, Android 11 (Verizon)
Media: Android Auto w/ Qobuz
Dashcam: DR900X Plus 2CH w/ park mode
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Old June 25th, 2021
Brad Bishop Brad Bishop is offline
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I called in yesterday and the lady on the phone did some reset on the server side. She had me reset the detector and take it back out to see if it worked. It didn't.

From experimenting:

- My HotSpot (T-Mobile) works fine for other devices. My GPS (Garmin) can check for updates as can my car.
- My HotSpot worked fine for the 360C up until around 3 weeks ago. Then no PSL since.
- My 360C, if connected to my home WiFi, can connect to check for updates to the firmware or Defender DB
- My 360C, if connected to the hotspot, always gets a "communications error" (literally what it says) if I try to update via the HotSpot.

While I like the idea of:
- sending alerts out to others
- receiving alerts from others

I'm landing on: This probably isn't worth fooling with.

It's becoming more and more rare when I see an alert from someone else. I think most just use Waze. I don't think that alerts other than Ka or Laser are actually sent because you can't confirm it was a LEO - which makes sense. You can via the app.

A better system, IMO, would integrate the data from all detectors. With that you'd get:
- learned spots where it's just a door or a post w/ a "Your Speed" sign on it - those could be blocked
- You could use the detector settings to block out unwanted signals. For example, if I'm driving along and I don't care about X (AutoNoX) then any "X" signal found on any other detector would also be blocked. (do this for all bands)
- Do smart things like: If someone drives by a cop and gets a signal then have it fade out over time (like they do). If someone else drives by and doesn't get a signal maybe let it clear automatically (granted, you'd want some algorithm so that a cop w/o his finger on the trigger is still shown). Still, you could make this so that the auto-clearing could be faster/more accurate if the cop has moved on.

I may give their call center one more try to sort this, it just seems dumb that they've done something on their side to knock out a good number of units specifically built for connecting to their service directly - plus the realistic rather limited usefulness of it.
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Old January 19th, 2022
redbeard redbeard is offline
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Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
Congratulations on the MAX 360c!

Speed limit data is currently only available in North America. We are looking into adding other areas included New Zealand.

It's been a while but what is the ETA on getting PSL data? It's one of the big selling points for the 360c and yet it's not available. The data is available to be used, Google, Waze, so many others use it, when will you use it and pass it on to your customers?
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Old January 25th, 2022
flylow7f39 flylow7f39 is offline
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Originally Posted by redbeard View Post
what is the ETA on getting PSL data? It's one of the big selling points for the 360c and yet it's not available.
Last I heard all Escort customer service representatives were still working from their homes. My understanding is they are, like many businesses here in the US, a bit shorthanded. is the authorized dealer for New Zealand.
"Note: Premium subscription is included for free for Australian and New Zealand customers with purchase of a compatible Escort product, no annual subscription required. Some Premium Features listed on the app store do not apply to Australia and New Zealand Speed limit data and Live traffic only available in North America."

Situation still seems to be the same as before the pandemic.

Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
Originally Posted by Mr.G View Post
Hi there,

Is there any update to the availability of speed limit data in New Zealand?


There is not. We currently do not have speed limit data outside of the USA and Canada.
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