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Old January 26th, 2016
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Exclamation Technical Service Bulletin for Passport 9500ci and Beltronics STi-R Plus

The following procedure reduces complication occurrence when installing Escort Passport 9500ci / Beltronics STI-R Plus radar / laser protection systems. Failure to complete this update process PRE-INSTALLATION may result in system performance loss or critical failure of system components through self-calibration errors. The 9500ci / STI-R Plus systems perform a mandatory self-calibration check within the first 20 minutes of operation. It is essential for the system to complete at least one self-calibration and then have the onboard software updated BEFORE any installation to the vehicle occurs.

- Escort Passport 9500ci (with or without Laser Shifter Pro upgrades)
- Beltronics STI-R Plus (with or without Laser Shifter Pro upgrades)

- Laptop with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Win10. (MAC OS/Bootcamp/VM emulation is not compatible)
- Latest download of Escort or Beltronics Detector Tools program
- USB A-B type cable included with both 9500ci & STI-R Plus
- Consistent Internet connection @ 10Mbps or higher
- 12v power source outside of vehicle (12v 1amp AC-DC inverter is acceptable)
- Escort Passport 9500ci / Beltronics STI-R Plus with all components ready & connected

Both systems will follow the same procedure with one exception; Beltronics STI-R Plus systems may not always follow the steps involving laser shifters. Laser Shifters are NOT included with Beltronics STI -R Plus systems unless purchased as an additional upgrade to be installed alongside the main system.

1) Connect all components to main Interface

2) Supply 12v power to the 9500ci / STI-R Plus system and ensure system bootup is functional.

NOTE: Watch display module closely and record any error messages displayed at first boot. CHK RCVR WIRING, LSR ERR, RCVR ERR, GPS ERR are commonly seen when components are not connected properly. Double check all component connections, power off system and power on again. If error messages persist, stop this process and contact Escort / Beltronics for support.

3) Connect the system USB wire to the Windows Computer.

4) Open Detector Tools Program on Windows Computer and ensure internet connection is functional.

5) Watch for Detector Tools to show “Connecting to Detector”.

NOTE: This is verified when the “Update Firmware/Software” button on the ‘Main’ tab of Detector Tools is illuminated green. Without a connection to a detector, this button remains ‘grayed out’.

6) Select the green illuminated “Update Firmware/Software” button.

NOTE: Follow the instructions presented in the pop-up prompt window which has just appeared. Pay close attention to holding the PWR and MUTE buttons on the 9500ci / STI -R Plus control module during re-power on sequence. If this step is not completed properly, the system will not be able to perform any updates through Detector Tools. If unsuccessful, restart at step 2 (remove
power, then reconnect).

NOTE: The display module for both 9500ci / STI-R Plus will remain dark throughout this process. Only the button pads on the Control Module will show a blue (9500ci) or red (STI-R Plus) backlight illumination.

NOTE: If the 9500ci / STI-R Plus system will still not connect to computer, see troubleshooting section on Page 3.

7) Allow Software update to complete without interruption.

NOTE: This process has multiple steps within itself and can range from 1 to 5 stages of update. This is the system updating each of the following components in sequence: Interface, Radar Receiver, GPS Antenna, Display Module, Control Module.

NOTE: If software cannot complete, see troubleshooting section on Page 3.

8) Once Software update is complete, disconnect system FIRST from computer USB, SECOND from 12v power source. Immediately after power OFF, reconnect and power ON the system to complete the update process. Following this step, you may begin installation of the system into the vehicle.

Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-5:00pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or you can fill out a repair form and we will contact you.
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