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Old October 16th, 2017
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Originally Posted by TBNTX View Post
I drive with TSR disabled on my Redline EX, and I'm enjoying terrific BSM rejection. Just yesterday I traveled from Topeka, KS to Lincoln, NE, and back again (360 miles, round trip). I didn't get a single BSM false alert.

What version of firmware are you using on your EX?
You mean you drove all that way to watch the Huskers get beat up by Ohio State??
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Old October 16th, 2017
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Originally Posted by BelsCortFan View Post
You mean you drove all that way to watch the Huskers get beat up by Ohio State??

It's not often that I can meet my brothers at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. And we expected that the Buckeyes were going to beat the Huskers. We already knew so. But it was a rare "all brothers" get-together, so win or lose, we were there.

Truth be said, there were four or five Buckeyes fans who traveled all the way from Ohio to watch the game, and we Huskers welcomed them. We told stories back-and-forth before the game, and we all enjoyed the pageantry. And during the game, we often traded "shots" between us all. There were even times that they spoke up against the officials who flagged the Huskers. "Bad call, ref!"

Nevertheless, those guys cheered for Ohio State's victory. And at the end, as we left the stadium, we congratulated their win. To my delight, they thanked me and my brothers for our hospitality.

That was cool.

I replied that it was good to see a strong performance in Memorial Stadium, but that I just wished it was the Huskers, instead of the Buckeyes. I'm sure that we'll see them again next year! Hopefully, my Huskers will be a stronger team by then.

I'll always be true to my Cornhuskers, of course, but that doesn't mean that I don't respect top-notch teams like Ohio State.


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