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Old February 9th, 2014
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Default Escort Max Questions

I had the Max when it first came out, but returned it due to all the issues. I rebought it and have been using it since last Fri, but I have some q's. Please help me out.

-The voice saying the band of the alert seems quieter then my 9500ix. Y is this and can u make the voice louder as the actual beep tones are loud enuf.

-The rear front sides of the plastic case r loose. I have seen pics of a really loose case and mine isnt that bad but other max owners r ur cases 100% tight or is there some looseness??

-Can you make the display only read the letter of a for auto or h for highway like the 9500ix could. Inonly see options for full word and scanning bar?

-The lights on the top buttons only come on during an alert or when touched and dnt stay lit at all times. Is this normal or can it b changed??

-I get lots of laser falsing. I think its cuz my 11 honda accord has navigation ans it made my9500ix alert to laser so i had to send it in and get the laser amplifier tuned down. Is that the issue here too!!

-When I get a 33.8 alert i alwways get a pop alert too. I kno the pop gun is 33.8 by mph industries but how does the max know its a pop mode alert vs normal mph standby or always on mode?

Thx for the help and i plan on sending it in to check out the case and laser falsing. Any updates coming soon??!?
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Old February 9th, 2014
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#1, the volume control is what decides the loudness of it all. There are other milder options like door chimes.# 2 it depends , my front end where the plastic covers the horn is a lil loose. But everything else is pretty tight.#3, that's the only two options HIGHWAY, and the scanning bar mode.#4 That's it, when it alerts or when changing settings.#5 probably, I posted on here that when leaving the Lincoln Tunnel from NYC that my Max gives a laser alert all the time, without fail.#6 did you check if pop mode was on? I've received them as well before too. But not very often.pop is naturally off on the Max., and last Version 1.8 was the latest. Reducing Ka falsing and such. Larry usually gives a timeline when something is close. Nothing yet though. Your welcome.😎
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