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Originally Posted by Jon6565 View Post
I have a concern that my Passport Max does not pick up Laser until, essentially it's too late. Literally it indicates laser when I am within about 10m of the camera. However, after I have gone past the camera it goes nuts with the signal for maybe 100m or more.

I live in Perth Western Australia. I haven't asked anywhere else but it may be that the camera is checking speed 'away' from the camera?

If it's not the 'away' from the camera speed (passed) being checked then I have serious concerns over the value of having the detector.

This is the mobile camera I refer to (top):

If someone could advise.


EDIT: It may be a setting? Currently I have the unit in Auto and not Highway or other.
I've run across a lot of PoliScan Laser cameras in the States. They generally hit you from behind as you are going away so you will not pick them up until it's too late. The permanent and semi-permanent ones are in the Defender Data Base here to provide a GPS voice warning since you cannot effectively pick up the laser. The mobile ones are of course not in the Database.
The Highway and Auto settings do not have any effect on the laser band (or on the Ka band). Those settings only effect the X and K bands in the US.
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