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Default It was defective

This particular Max 2, turned out to be defective. I now also have a redline, I was testing them against a KA mobile trailer. The max2 quite literally and suddenly stopped picking up radar of any kind. Both KA and K. A local school has stationary K band signs up indicating speed. I was going back-and-forth between the KA trailer and the K band stationary signs. I did a reset twice and called customer service. While I was still out with both detectors. After troubleshooting with customer service it was determined that I should take this unit back to best buy. I went ahead and exchanged the max2 for what is now my third Max2. My first original Max2 was purchased April 11 of this year. While I have only had this third Max2 for one day it seems to be an especially hot one! Hopefully this one will stand the test of time. If needed/requested I can go into greater detail as to how I have each radar detector set up. The redline is segmented 2/5/8 with everything else off.
As a sidenote, the redline is simply a beast!

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