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Default My 2nd new Max2

This is my second post. I went ahead and got the max2 after looking for insight from my last post. Ok, so my first Max2 from best buy seemed to work great. Had a traffic radar trailer to test with. Off axis was phenomenal. 12 days in to our time together the screen started to pulse from high to low brightness. Dang. Ran to best buy and exchanged for another Max2. Here's where it gets interesting. The sticky mount from the 1st one was still on the windshield. Whoops. Anyhow I put the new max2 on the old mount. It was TIGHT. No wiggle at all great right? Well, I couldn't get max2 off off it. Had to take down the whole sticky cup to get the mount off. So I put on the second mount. There is a little wiggle. Seems ok to me and the release works fine. Ok, like I said, I had the first one 12 days. I got a lot of the Falses locked out. I've become familiar with where the RD will alert. So this new one, is giving POP falses. Twice in one afternoon. The first one on a long stretch of road with a lot of traffic. Ok maybe I missed the LEO. The second at a different time and a different road. POP. Not a soul in sight. Um. Wow. I live in a small town. I'm actually an ex LEO From here. I was county. All this was city. Strictly stalker. Now it's been a few years for me. But I don't remember ever using POP. EVER. Maybe the city guys are using it now. I'm not sure. Is there a problem with this new Max2. Seems odd, doesn't it. Did I get another dud? I would love to hear the groups thoughts.
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