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Default Bluetooth connection - must reset each time


Anyone else have to constantly remove and then re-add Passport 2 to their iOS Bluetooth menu?

I have the new Smart Cord (no USB port). Presumably since the latest iOS update, my Bluetooth from my iPhone no longer automatically pairs with my Max2. My phone Settings shows there is a Bluetooth connection with Passport 2, however the App shows the Red "no Bluetooth" symbol, and in the App Settings, it shows no Bluetooth connection. My detector shows no Bluetooth connection as well.

Instead, each time I start my car I must go into phone Settings, choose Passport 2, choose "Forget my Device", turn off Bluetooth, turn it on, then search for Devices, then re-pair my Passport 2 Bluetooth connection.

After going through this sequence, my App will show a blue Bluetooth symbol, App Settings shows the "Passport 2" label, and my detector shows the blue Bluetooth symbol.

It's a giant pain and unsafe while driving to do all this.

Thanks for your help and advice!
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