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Originally Posted by GregK View Post
Agree with Icepick. The Max is the RD that cannot be beat by anything else, and will be even better with its GPS capabilities and upgrades. Sorry 55, but I don't want to see it under another name or associated with lesser RD's or technology no longer to be upgraded.

By the way, my fantasy is not the max.....but that's enough for now.
I agree with (almost) all of you.

No new MAX.

FIX this MAX. If the MAX is made better it should be under the original MAX name. We bought a MAX. If someone finally remembers to put some honesty in the MAX then it should be under the original MAX name.

If all the stuff the MAX was hyped to do in the first place was then given a new name like HYPERMAX, REDMAX, PAD de la MAX or SUPERMAX the money we spent would have been obtained under a (an) (XXXXXX - insert unpleasant adjective here) intent.

Originally Posted by Pointman

...The new Max received radar signals (all bands) from beyond all previous recorded tests to date for any and all detectors. With final production software, the Max is the longest range radar detector available ever, for all guns, all bands.
Are we there yet?
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