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BimmerE92 October 12th, 2012 05:29 AM

New Jersey State Trooper using POP RADAR, (confirmed) I Drove by trap multiple times
I want to apologize in advance if I'm telling you guys something you already know, I haven't had much time to be online this year so I'm not that up to date with the latest on what type of radar are being used out there by police.

Anyway, two nights ago I was on 295 North & South, in Southern NJ from exits 28 to 36 and then 36 to 28 coming back home from Cherry Hill Mall. On the way there my 9500ix was quiet, but on the way back, the 9500ix goes NUTS with POP for a good 5 to 10 seconds right before I pass exit 32 :confused:, but then it goes away & the radar is quiet again.:confused: I'm thinking "it must be a false, or maybe the 9500ix is acting up or something". Well about 10 seconds later it goes NUTS again alerting to POP, and guess what I see, an unmarked Dodge Durango :eek: state trooper sitting on the side of the road with his foot on the brake (tail lights were lit up bright red, ready to pull out, that's usually how they sit here in south NJ). I thought they couldn't use POP Radar or something?

Just to make things clear, I went past the same EXACT spot 2 more times just a few hours ago (while the cop obviously wasn't there anymore) and the 9500ix was quiet and didn't alert to anything. If anyone is wondering how I know it was definitely an unmarked state trooper, well I've lived in South Jersey for basically 20 years, and trust me when I say I've seen it all. The NJ State Police (Troop A) Bellmawr Station is right by my house and I pass by it almost every day. And I've seen the Bridgeton, NJ Station, You can clearly see all the cars they have, and I see these unmarked Durangos pulling people over on the Turnpike all the time, especially during fall/winter months. Even before I got my license, driving around with my parents & older brothers made me very used to seeing all the troopers unmarked & marked vehicles. They have at least 5 unmarked durangos, from Navy Blue to white & black.

Anyway, I made an account on this forum just to make this post lol and to let you guys know that I think you should keep the POP setting ENABLED on your detector, especially if you live in NJ, that's just my opinion. And yes i know I talk a lot, that's a habit lol sorry about the long essay :D

Mods: Sorry for posting this in multiple sections, I wasn't sure which one would be the appropriate area. Please move and combine all threads into one if you need to. Thanks.

KaPro October 12th, 2012 06:51 AM

Try running the 9500iX in spec mode. You will see that NJSP run 34.7 Ka radar, x band and laser. PoP mode is a feature on MPH radar units in the 33.8 mgz frequency. NJSP do not use 33.8.

Nine_c1 October 12th, 2012 09:41 AM

^^^ KaPro is correct.......NJSP adopted the Stalker 34.7 Ka radar to replace their old X-Band units, not any of the 33.8 Bee IIIs to my knowledge.

I have seen locals in Southern Jersey running 33.8 (MPH is still pretty popular with them), so I suspect that LEO was not State or maybe even a civilian with a Cobra on the windshield (Cobra's will set a bunch of POP falses).

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