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Old March 17th, 2021
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Default Does the 9500ix offer all of the Escort Live functionality as the Max360?

Was on the fence about where I should post or in the 9500ix forum. Anyways, I have both a Max360 and an older 9500ix that I both use with escort live. The 9500ix needs the live smart cord, which I have and connects to the app fine. However, I’ve never gotten any types of alerts (audible through the detector) with it like I have with my Max360 such as red light cams or speed traps. It also doesn’t send me radar notifications to my phone like the 360 does. So I guess my question is does the Escort Live app offer all the same functions to the 9500ix with Live cord as the Max360? I usually just start the app and put the phone in my console when I’m driving so I can still get the live alerts through my detector but if the 9500ix doesn’t offer audible alerts through detector and I don’t have the app readily available to look at, the whole app is pretty much useless when using the detector. Thanks guys!

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