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Old March 6th, 2017
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Originally Posted by rcyhww View Post
Had some tests throughout the weekend...

I read a bit more from this thread and the others and learnt that changing the phone's language to "English (Canada)" might solve the crashing problem.

Originally when I setup my new Google Pixel XL, the language was automatically set as "English (US)". And I had the Escort Live crashing problem as described from the others.

I then changed the language to "English (Canada)" and it did not crash once. Rock solid! I drove over 60km between cities (Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond) running errands the whole day Sunday and the app never crashed once. No matter the car was moving, not moving, blue tooth connected with my Max360, not connected (out in the restaurant and running in background), the app was still running until I manually close it.

All the time I am using Metric.

I am happy again. :-)
Interesting information, I have had this issue ever since I bought the device. I drove clear across the US and didn't have a single issue. As soon as I crossed the border, crash.

My Galaxy S7 recently upgraded to Android Nougat and I never bothered to check to see if Live worked or not. On Android Marsh mellow, I did not have the ability to change to Canadian English for some reason. I tried to change it today and my phone allowed me to pick Canadian English. To my surprise, I drove clear across Calgary and back and the app didn't crash. Perhaps the fix they have coming deals with something affected by being in Canada and not selecting Canadian English.

To be honest, I am curious what the difference is between US and Canadian English. Other than accents, I thought it was the same language.
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