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Old January 5th, 2016
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Default Detector Tools is not recognizing my 9500ix??

I have searched the web for every possible solution to this problem and cannot find any viable solution. I am now coming to the official Escort forums for a some help.
I am using a Mid-2014 MacBook Pro equipped with OS X El Capitan and Windows 10 (running fully functional in VMware Fusion Pro 8). I tried running the mac version of DT first and nothing. I then seen somewhere that the mac version is only in beta, so I thought that is why it wasn't detecting my detector. I then downloaded DT for windows and the same problem still persists.
If I just hookup the USB to my computer; the detector displays the word "USB". If I hook it up to the power AND hook it up to the USB; the "USB" does not appear and just the normal display is presented. Either way, there is no detection in DT. I have fully registered the device through ESCORT. The Serial number on my device starts with 33XXXXXX. I'm just lost at this point. The manual that comes with the device, along with anything i've read in the help section on escorts website; makes it seem like it is supposed to be an easy plug and play operation.
Can somebody please state clear instructions for detecting and updating my 9500ix?
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Old January 5th, 2016
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The Mac version (v2.1.0) of Detector tools is definitely not beta. Be sure that you are using the version downloaded here:

In my case, it finds the 9500ix. Please be aware, however, that you should connect your detector to your Macbook using ONLY a USB data cable, and do not use a power cord with the detector.

By "USB Data Cable", I'm referring to a USB cable that provides both power and data lines. Some USB cables provide only power (these are sometimes called "charging cables"). Data cables are often included with digital cameras.

Connect the data cable to your detector, and then plug it into your MacBook Pro. The display should read "USB". If it doesn't, try a different USB cable and a different USB port on your MBP. If trying different cables or different ports doesn't help, your 9500ix may need to be sent in for service.

If the screen reads "USB", then proceed using Detector Tools.


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Old January 5th, 2016
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I returned two detectors before finding out I only had a charging cable. I don't feel the least bit bad as Escort should include a $1 when I purchase a $500 to $650 detector.
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9500ix, detector tools, el capitan, mac, windows 10

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