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Old October 16th, 2015
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Exclamation Passport iQ not detecting radar after update?

I have been using my Passport IQ all summer and I really like it. The mount is a pain and I plan on gluing it into place to cease my frustrations with it but that is not why I am writing in.

Recently, I went to update the unit with detector tools. Before I update, I was warned that the trial expired but I had only updated it once during the 90 days. I decided to see if it would let you update anyways... it appeared to download and installed updates regardless. Now, I installed it back in my car and now I get no warning on any door openers and speed signs that had triggered it before.. I am worried that something has happened to it. I tried doing a soft reset in the menu, didn't fix it, I also changed it from Highway to Auto and still nothing. It does still detect speed camera sites.

Finally, I am putting the car away soon and I would like to hold off on subscription to the database till the springtime, if possible. Is it possible to allow me to get the latest updates to see if the unit will repair itself?

Tonight I brought it in and decided to plug it in and hit the reset button on the bottom of the unit. I will test it tomorrow in the car to see if it has been fixed.

I live In Canada and if the unit needs repair how much will this cost me?


Old October 17th, 2015
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Some suggestions randomly :
  • Are you sure your Passport iQ is well connected to the cigarette lighter socket ? Is the LED lit well ? Is there the word "OFF" on the radar detection area ?
    If there's no power source : only the GPS part is operational, not the radar part.
    Why not also try in another car.

  • When plugged into the car (and engine running), you can use a TV remote control in front of the circular area for laser detection, to easily test if your iQ works.

  • What's the current version of the firmware ? Is it 2.8.2 version in About section ?
    Try to connect it to the PC, to update the program with Detector Tools. You can force the update again even though you are already in the latest version.
    Be sure iQ is fully charged, and not interrupt the update process to let it finish.
    After successfully updated, retry in the car.

  • Last resort contact Escort support or PM to Larry:

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 9am-4pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608 or by live chat
Escort Passport iQ rev 2.8.2 (20120912.1)

escort passport iq, not detecting

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