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Old April 11th, 2018
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Originally Posted by kasher1979 View Post
It's very important not to rely solely on a detector. Your eyes are the best tool you have , the detector is only a secondary tool to help you.

Furthermore you could possibly challenge this in court if he did not use anything to clock you and only visual. But it's your word against his and if you were speeding I'd

say take it and pay it and better luck next time. The ix may have a ticket guarantee ???? In this case though as you stated I don't believe it was the detectors fault you got a ticket..

SOunds more like the Cop just getting a visual on you and pulling you over.
I don't know. He is very far away. I spoted him in the dark and is like 2 3block away. He said I speeding 88km on a 50km zone. And yes is in Canada. There no show what device he using to clock me.
I not sure he using his visual or lidar. My ix is mounted in the Middle and almost buttom of the wind shield. There couple time I pass some speed trap the ix didn't alert me at all. Thank God I didn't speed at those time.
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