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Old August 10th, 2020
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Default EZ Mag Mount Alignment Fix for Max 360C, Redline 360C, Redline EX, Max 3, Escort IX a

From time to time, I see complaints in the forums regarding EZ Mag mount alignment problems. Due to the spacing of the notches in the locking gear and the windshield rake in certain vehicles, you end up with the detector pointing either slightly upward or downward with no in between setting. This happened to me when I tried out the Redline EX in my Nissan Altima several years ago. Fortunately, I quickly hit upon an easy fix.

From a roll of 3/4" wide black electrician's tape, I cut several 1/8" strips. Leaving the EZ Mag mount with the detector in the slightly upward position, I removed the detector and placed one of the strips on the back edge of the detector's mount area (towards the windshield) and remounted the detector. The tape strip had the effect, of course, of lowering the back end of the detector slightly but not enough in my case. So I repeated the process, putting another tape strip atop the first. Now this was several years ago, and I don't remember exactly, but I think it took three or four tape strips before my detector ended up perfectly level!

I kept the Redline EX for a month before returning it and experienced no problems because of the electrician's tape. No need to worry about it interfering with the integrity of the mount because the magnet is more than strong enough to hold the detector securely regardless of the little bit of tape in between.

I am going to post this fix in both forums and hope it is of benefit to some.
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