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Escort has not released a lot of details on the specifics of AutoLearn for proprietary reasons, but from what I recall the number of passes is approximately 3, but may vary.

To the best of my knowledge they are not directional, but if you go past the spot a second time and the radar is not there, it's possible the first pass may be deleted (AutoUnlearn algorithims are even less known). I believe the passes are not time constrained (no time parameter between passes). Also, it is possible that signal strength may be part of the algorithm for learn/unlearn, but I do not know for sure.

I'll let others fill in any details they may know and maybe ER will chime in to add more nonproprietary info, and/or correct my recollection.

EDIT: I would be interested in knowing from ER if turning off AutoLearn also turns off AutoUnlearn?

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