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Originally Posted by d18ge View Post
Just checked and still no firmware update for the Max 2. I am beginning to think that Escort isn't going to release one. I was so hoping this next update would improve the BSM filtering as I am about to pitch my Max 2 given the constant K-band falses. I've been a loyal Escort customer for many years but based on what I am seeing I am about to give up on them. Does not seem to be any interest is supporting older units (and the Max 2 isn't all that old folks!). I bought the Max 2 based on the promise that it was updatable and that Escort would support it for a reasonable amount of time. Guess I was mistaken.

Escort you have lost a loyal customer.
Hmmmm... OK.

Before you go, though, the existing BSM filtering on the Max/Max2 is at least as good (or better) than any competitors' detectors, and the upcoming version is going to raise the BSM rejection to a much higher level. This I know.

But by all means, feel free to select another manufacturer's detector. You'll discover quickly that the same BSM signals will set of your new detector, perhaps even more so than your Max 2. I know this, too, because I've tried some of the competitors' detectors. Nevertheless, don't let me stop you. Buy a new detector and discover for yourself that it will go-off when it encounters a BSM K-band signal. I'm sure that your purchase would be money well spent.

Let's get serious, now. The issue is the that the testing and finalization of the new firmware for the Max and Max 2 takes time for testing and validation. It's not a one-and-done thing. It's a matter of testing, validation, and refining across multiple test cycles.

The most recent firmware update for the Max 360 is extremely good, and this is what's coming to the Max & Max 2. But even the firmware for the Max 360 can have punch-throughs. There is no perfect solution, but Escort's IVT filtering seems to be leading the pack.

Let's remember, everyone, that no radar detector on the market can successfully filter-out all BSM threats because most of these vehicles use exactly the same K-band frequencies that Police K-band speed guns use. This isn't the fault of the many radar detector manufacturers. It's the fault of the vehicle manufacturers who use the same frequencies, despite the fact that the FCC has allocated a separate space on K-band for BSM usage. It would be a mistake to blame the radar detector companies that their detectors are alerting to BSM signals. It's a brave effort to try to filter out the BSM signals.

Google it for yourself.


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