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Originally Posted by d18ge View Post
Just checked and still no firmware update for the Max 2. I am beginning to think that Escort isn't going to release one. I was so hoping this next update would improve the BSM filtering as I am about to pitch my Max 2 given the constant K-band falses. I've been a loyal Escort customer for many years but based on what I am seeing I am about to give up on them. Does not seem to be any interest is supporting older units (and the Max 2 isn't all that old folks!). I bought the Max 2 based on the promise that it was updatable and that Escort would support it for a reasonable amount of time. Guess I was mistaken.

Escort you have lost a loyal customer.
MAX and MAX 2 firmware update is currently expected to be released in early 2018.

Originally Posted by EscortRadar View Post
Thanks poolmon!

The latest update to the IVT Filter in our all-digital MAX detectors is amazing. Most of these false alerts are totally rejected and without a detection performance penalty. MAX and MAX 2 will receive this free software update soon, in early 2018.

Being able to offer this level of filtering is a direct result of the High Definition radar detection technology that MAX detectors offer. Other analog detectors with DSP added to them will not be able to filter out false alerts this effectively.

MAX Ci for instance detects radar like no other and is still a very quiet detector.