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Escort Radar,

New problem. The mount on my SmartMirror broke. Not the part that's glued onto the windshield. The mount (bar/arm/bracket/etc.) which connects the SmartMirror to the windshield.

I've tried looking online for a replacement piece but no luck. I tried the local auto parts stores, but could only find an entire replacement mirror. All of which have the mounts connected to the mirror permanently. Not like the SmartMirror, which is attached to the mirror by 4 screws. I even tried the local auto salvage yard to see if I could find a piece I could swap out, but no luck.

The actual parts that are broken are the plastic cups in which the balls fit in to. One end of the mount is loose and won't snug down enough on the ball to remain in position, and the other end is broken so that the ball pulls right out of it.

Hopefully, you have this part on hand?